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Strana Dance Club in Puerto Vallarta


Spectacular club with advanced technology in sound system, music and Venue floor-Illumination. A night at Strana is an unforgettable one.

Barra Bar Dance and Nightclub in Puerto Vallarta


Top Club who mixes Classic hits with Current top 10s; it offers a different experience every day with a dedicted service and VIP treatment!

Señor Frogs Bar in Puerto Vallarta

Señor Frogs

Filled with colors, Club-lights, beat-sounds, textures and a wide variety of decorative elements, Señor Frog's is a must go in your trip to PV

Mandala Dance Club in Puerto Vallarta


Mandala is a VIP party class. It has a unique and distinctive decoration that will transport you to an oriental atmosphere, full of mystery and glamour

Sky Mandala Nightclub in Puerto Vallarta

Sky Mandala

Experience fun and adventure in Puerto Vallarta in a sophisticated and cosmopolitan atmosphere in this Dance Club. Saturday is a must go!

La Vaquita Bar in Puerto Vallarta

La Vaquita

La Vaquita PV is the most irreverent club in the malecon area, its peculiar home-made drinks and it's DanceClub-Bar-concept will make you love it.

Xtine Dance Club in Puerto Vallarta

Xtine Dance Club

Xtine is a nightlife classic that has been reinvented to offer you evenings of fun and elegance and exclusivity in modern facilities; totally it worth it.

Zoo Bar and Nightclub in Puerto Vallarta

Zoo Bar & Dance Club

A Zoo-fantastic Bar experience! This place lives up to its name with elevated dance stages and cages, were imagination is the limit.


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