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El Faro Puerto Vallarta

El Faro Puerto Vallarta

We’ll make it a party  rock night


Perfect blend of luxury, entertainment and exclusivity.

Strana is the place where we redefine the nightlife, a place with a magnetic environment, a place where you live unique and unequaled experiences, the place where you are the star, where you vibrate with the best music, meet your best friends and live spectacular nights.

Strana has been home for exclusive international concerts that include stars such as Tiesto, Avicii, Deadmau5, Nervo, Steve Aoki, Bob Sinclair among many others.

Come and give us the privilege to attend you as you deserve spending your night in STRANA


  • Preferential access.
  • Dedicated Security.
  • Personal attention to visitors.
  • Open bar by zones.
  • Special rates.
  • Gifts and special discounts to visitors.



  • Controlled entrance.
  • Controlled entrance for groups by zones.
  • Waiters with personalized service.
  • Valet Parking.
  • Paramedic


Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio 2125, Zona Hotelera las Glorias

48333 Pto Vallarta, Jalisco

Opens: Thursdays through Saturday
Hours: 20:00 till 06:00 hrs...

Fun and crazy nights

I had a memorable night with beautiful people and nice weather. Plenty of dancing and drinking with friends.

4 stars
I will return next summer.
4 stars

The place is awesome and the music is great. We got a free bottle for being the bests dancers of the night!

Lots of handsome people
4 stars

My friends and I went to have just a drink and we met some cool guys and dance all night long.

4 stars

We travelled from quebec and found some girls from ontario and vancouver. I love to meet friends and have lots of fun.

Place crowded
4 stars

Too much people but the dj and the place was great, beautiful women though. The margaritas were really strong and I passed away after 10!.

Nice weather nice music
4 stars

We went to know the place and we were very happy. My gf dance all night. We went to sleep on the beach afterwards.

Any taxi takes you there
4 stars

Vallarta has good options for nightlife. Love the dj and tequila

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